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/ June 30, 2016

(Football over the years has meant pretty much

Everyone rightly looked at Darnold as if he was crazy. At the time, the Jets were scoring about one touchdown per game. But a two game winning streak has changed the appearance of one of the NFL’s worst teams. (Football over the years has meant pretty much whatever we have wanted or needed it to mean at the time.) Despite baseball’s much celebrated pastoralism and football’s violence baseball inspires poets, football supposedly inspires men who like to paint their faces and get in fights football is no more conservative than baseball (or basketball, soccer, golf, tennis, or any other sport). All sports are “conservative” in the sense that they are fundamentally Darwinian, with winners and losers, but beyond that basic fact sports are too layered to be squeezed into crude Red State or Blue State stereotypes.The NFL came of age during the era when football was aligned with tradition and anti radicalism, and Pete Rozelle aggressively promoted that relationship. Air Force flyovers and superpatriotic pre game and half time shows became essential elements of the Super Bowl spectacle at a time when they placed the National Football League on one side of a gaping political and cultural divide.

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